1000 cores in a chip is no blasphemy


The Flemish professor, Wim Vanderbauwhede, who is now connected to the Scottish University of Glasgow, working together with fellow wizzards of the University of Massachusetts, squeezed 1000 cores in a single chip. Of course, the chip is not ready for consumers, but is was tested calculating an MPEG algorithm at a speed of 5Gbps. The result was an amazing 20 times faster than any desktop processor used today.

They used a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) what sounds great but what I want to know is how it will implement in an omni consumers product?

Were were the g'old days when I invested my last cash in an overwhelmingly fast but (for those days) fairly priced Cyrix DLC processor? That was a beeped-up 386 processor that was capable of handling 486 (32 bits) instructions at a raging speed up to 40 Mhz in it's (of cource) single core.

If those days, one would say that less than 25 years later, a Flemish guy would squeeze 1000 cores in a single chip, I would call it blasphemy. As if one would say that there is more than one universum.
By the way,... scientists ltoday accept the idea of a multiversum.
It's now as elementary as a 1000 core chip.

So,... never claim to know the ultimate truth, never say never, never call an idea blasphemy.