Mixing cultures...

A beautiful quote from the Belgian communication specialist Guillaume van der Stighelen (writer of "The simple truth about advertising"):
(translated) "Mixing cultures, that gives jazz, from which springs rock & roll."
(In dutch) "Culturen mengen, dat levert Jazz op, daar komt rock-'n-roll uit voort".

Another of his quotes that I like because it resumes in one simple phrase what I try to teach during lectures about agressivity and palliative communication.: (translated)
"People are not cattle, neither predators."
(In dutch : "Mensen zijn geen kuddedieren, maar al evenmin roofdieren").
Like the French say : "Ni hérisson, ni paillasson".

"It's somehow in the line of my personal favorite quote :
"Et si omnes ego non"
(Translation : "It's not because other do so, that I do the same,.. i don't do like the rest,... I follow my own jugement,...") For the record : This version of the latin quote "Etiamsi omnes ego non" was engraved above the door of one of the german military officer who failed to assasinate Adolf Hitler,.. and payed with his life.

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